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A smooth, heavy trowel consistency which will readily spread on and adhere to vertical and horizontal surfaces without sagging; Excellent adhesion to masonry, steel, cured concrete, shingles, asphalt roofing and a variety of other surfaces With a few tools, a few 2 X 8s, and some ready-to-mix concrete you can construct a fine front porch. For several generations of architects, stonemasons and bricklayers, metal flashing under stone coping was reserved only for very high-end projects. Old House Journal - Guide to Restoration, Old House Journal, 1992. 1995. we try to help our clients in anyway possible. Let's make buildings last longer together. dimension, measured from face of wall to apex of “V” shape of fl ashing, is 3/4” (dimension ROOF DETAILS. Cordova Stone™ From top to bottom, Cordova Stone™ can economically supply you with the look and feel of natural limestone or cast stone. After their initial mixing or casting, mortar, poured-in-place concrete, and concrete masonry units shrink as the curing of the Portland cement proceeds. . 0 KB DWG File) MAPA-wp. When the finished floor is applied, the release paper can be removed and the back dam can be completed. Maximum recommended exposure time is 30 days. Lastly, the IMI has a technical brief on the flashing of arches, “Tech Brief 2. concrete plan details 'SECOND FL 12' concrete iso se concrete section concrete iso nw SECOND FL 12' -0" Exterior siding Insulation Rim joist Protection board or coating extends 6 in. The reglet is then filled  or concrete wall adjacent to habitable rooms, a thin bed of mortar or compatible mastic must be spread onto the brick, block, or concrete walls before the flashing   Apr 15, 2013 Pan flashing is a central part of a drained opening & should be may be cast into concrete to act as pan flashing for openings in the exterior wall. The figure above shows a typical Aluminum extrusions have proven to be the best means to help the applicator, waterproofer, or roofer prepare for a pour as quickly as possible. Are you a contractor or architect? Start your projects at Watkins PRO. Attach the treated wood nailer to the deck with suitable fasteners. Learn More. In addition to designing and supplying systems for some of the most prestigious projects in the United States, H&B's reach extends worldwide with numerous projects completed in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and South America. dwg Wall Deck Saw Cut Reglet . dwg PDF Details . Both wall flashing and roof flashing should be fully adhered to the wall substrate. Resources. My second reaction is that, if you insist on concrete in this location, you want something more durable than 6-mil plastic to protect the rim joist: something like Grace Ice & Water Shield (protected by metal flashing). Technical Notes 36A - Brick Masonry Details, Caps and Copings, Corbels and Racking Rev [Sept. Chimneys have a foundation, which may be independent from the house. gutter and downspout system’ to the sill flashing. • Details shown are not intended to reflect complete installation procedures, however they do reflect basic installation concepts. 6. All flashing and flashing accessories  Key Words: adhered veneer, precast concrete, modular, panel, prefabricated, steel stud, thick set, thin . These are concrete and pressure preservative treated wood. This is particularly so for details such as door and window corners, and for flashing that has exposed fastenings. Each detail is available in PDF and AutoCAD (DWG) formats, go to our secure FTP site for the DWG format drawings. Refer to window and door installation instructions provided with the product for complete installation instructions. Use: As a substitute for asphalt and MBR® Flashing Cement in JM modified bitumen flashing details, and can be used to adhere the JM modified bitumen flashing systems and built-up roofing felts to vertical surfaces, as a general purpose mastic on most built up roofing and modified bitumen flashing details, or to strip in the laps of modified BSC's information sheet on common flashing details walks through the most under-rated building enclosure component, and how it can serve as the most important. In this type of valley, the flashing carries the runoff and the tile in the valley is only decorative. 3. Heavy, 'trowel-grade' consistency which makes it ideal for flashing details, attachment of membrane to steep slopes and parapet walls, and a variety of  A general purpose formulation for use as a cold-applied flashing cement in many “trowel-grade” consistency makes this product ideal for flashing details and a  of the rod may be secured in the concrete by means of a head, threading with a nut on The lower flashing component of a two component metal flashing detail. Results in subtle, natural-looking color variations. There's also a great photo of the wall I tore out. Instructions. 2-Hour Fire Rated Brick Veneer Wall Assembly. contains all our company information, product literature, installation instructions & details. Glenn likes the L-shaped flashing and building paper covering the flashing top. Internal flashings should be installed wherever water might penetrate or accumulate inside a wall, such as over lintels and shelf angles, under copings and sills, at intermediate floors that bear on the wall, and at the base of the wall. low flashing laps to face away from wind-driven rain. of up to 2 hours. This is an unavoidable consequence of the curing of concrete products and is accommodated in design. 09/12/2013. If you need a special trim, please furnish a drawing of the desired shape, in- Installation Notes and Details. Dryvit Flashing Tape™ and Conditioner. Fry Reglet Springlok® Flashing System Type: CO-Concrete Installation - cont. Inverted Tee Beams. Additionally, the course will detail how building with concrete masonry can We will cover proper flashing and masonry installation strategies, discuss water  CAD DRAWING DETAILS. S. All joints in the same base flashing and counter flashing shall be thoroughly sealed. The 3D model can be rotated with the arrows shown. Listings CAD Files Specifications. TITE-SEAL Self-Adhesive Waterproof 4-in x 33-ft Rubberized Asphalt Roll Flashing at Lowe's. Install flashing between slabs and all wood construction. culturedstone. 5. A: Bill Palmer, an engineer and the editor-in-chief of Concrete Construction, a sister publication of JLC, responds: The aluminum flashing shown in Horgan's  Aug 24, 2015 Building wall or siding flashing details at horizontal surfaces: Wall or horizontal surface such as a foundation wall top or a concrete porch slab  an information series from the national authority on concrete masonry technology . I cut a groove into the slab to accept the down bend of the flashing. Depending on the designed strength, density and installation techniques, the number of pores can vary. Apply a coping over the wall flashing and fasten with self-tapping screws every 24 inches on center. The sill then sets on top of the flashing with no need for fasteners penetrating the sill flashing. Copper Receiver Cast in Concrete Wall. In this article, I will explain the materials and techniques I use to prevent leaks in stucco walls. This TEK includes typical flashing details that have proven effective over a wide geographical range. 3. Unlike the old sill flashing designs, these high-performance sill flashings utilize two weep holes in the sill flashing at each lite of glass (3). The company makes a complete line of roofing components for use with its tiles. concrete subfloor on 3/4" base over 30 lb. MT11 Barge Detail With Z Flashing - Flat Tile Barge Details 12 MT12 Barge Detail With Banbury Flashing - Flat Tile Barge Details 12 MT13 Stepped Cover Flashing Apron Details 17 MT14 Flashing To Brick Abutment Apron Details 17 MT15 Dutch Gable Detail Apron Details 18 MT16 Vertical Tiling Apron Details 18 MT17 Cross Section Hidden Gutter - Flat Download details (PDF and CAD files) for Hyload's Through-Wall Masonry Flashing, including window heads, jamb closure membranes. Install the sill flashing as indicated leaving the 1” of 9” DuPont ™ FlexWrap NF with of Adhered Concrete Masonry Veneer. details illustrated herein for steel-frame and concrete flooring systems are similar to those details used in commercial construction. 4 MB MC01 – Identification of Roof Areas 694 KB 167 KB MC01A – Single Layer Underlayment 678 KB 302 KB MC01B – Double Layer Underlayment 711 KB 322 KB MC02 – Vent Pipe Flashing 626 KB 349 KB MC03 – Valley […] Door Sill Flashing with Parapro 123 Flashing Door Sill Flashing with Paraflex 531 Liquid Flashing SBS-Modified Bitumen Waterproofing - Paragreen SG Vegetation - Teranap - Concrete Substrate Multi-Ply SBS-Modified Bitumen Roofing, Lightweight Insulating Concrete - Paradiene 20/30 - NVS Insulation Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The precast concrete building process is similar to tilt-up construction, but it addresses the challenges presented by weather. When using a house wrap like Tyvek (R) or Typar (R) it is not as easy to weave the flashing under the wrap as it is with felt. ZIP System™ Tape is ideal for both seam sealing and flashing, and it can save you time and money on the job, so you can leave the site with confidence it will deliver lifelong performance. It's composed of an aluminized polymer film and coated with a specially formulated FLASHING FOR STONE VENEER INSTALLATION The fo lowing construction details are options for stone veneer termination. They will not necessarily apply to all circumstances you may encounter. You can count on one Aluminum will-corrode if it's left in contact with alkaline materials like concrete or fiber-cement siding. PERM-A-BARRIER ® VPL Fluid applied vapor permeable air barrier membrane Grace Vapor Permeable Air Barrier Product Advantages • NFPA 285 compliance • Plasticizer, Phthalate and Halogen-free • Air tight • Vapor permeable • Single component • Fully bonded • Seamless • Damp surface tolerant • Strong adhesion to common Concrete and CMU substrates: o Fill voids, gaps, and spalled areas in substrate to provide an even plane. T YPICAL FOUNDATION DETAILS CHIMNEY CAP DETAIL. Specification Commercial Flashing Details Intermediate Column Flashing Detail - Steel & Concrete Columns - Block Backup Note: Brick anchors & insulation have been omitted for clarity. 1. The flashing joints should Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) is an exterior wall cladding that utilizes rigid insulation boards on the exterior of the wall sheathing with a plaster appearance exterior skin. Flashing dressed down over roof covering. The base flashings are secured to the deck and the cap flashing is secured to the masonry. Civil Engineering ; (Roofing PVC) RSBS (Roofing SBS) B-3-RS Concrete Masonry Wall Flashing With Optional Metal Coping Cap. ca 6A Jan 2016 Detail 7 Detail 8 Note: Support for the brick may be a steel angle instead of a concrete footing. cmu concrete masonry unit cnr corner cntr counter co carbon monoxide, certificate of occupancy, cleanout, or company co₂ carbon dioxide col column com common comb combination, combined comm communication comp component conc concrete conc flr concrete floor cond condenser or condition conf conference conn connect constr construction cont » Finished LIQUISEAL Liquid Flashing details will be rainproof within 2 to 4 hours of completion. Every precast wall panel has a thick layer of energy-efficient thermal insulation, integrally sandwiched between a very durable concrete interior and a unique, beautiful exterior finish. o New concrete should be cured for a minimum of fourteen (14) days and must be dry Standard Details. Inherently, concrete is extremely fire resistant compared with other materials. Remove the two widest pieces of release paper leaving the narrowest release paper on the flashing. 1-1. this shows clearances between rough wall opening and a curtain wall window frame. ca 6A APR 2018 Detail 7 Detail 8 Note: Support for the brick may be a steel angle instead of a concrete footing. ) permeability soil 84n. F7_02 Sample Bar Positioners-PDF F7_42 Stone Veneer Anchorage This Best Practice Guide is a joint venture of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and Public Works Government Services Canada in collaboration with the Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute. These problem areas include the edges of skylights and Engineers seeking to design more masonry-arched openings should look toward BIA Tek note 31A, and “The Masonry Arch” by Jacques Heyman. The details are based on rigorous testing procedures coupled with sound precast concrete practice to ensure a smooth installation process and durable structure. Kemper System America, Inc. (38 mm) min. Since this was an introductory guide to the basics of standing seam metal roof installations, we purposefully left out more technical details such as Z-bar flashing, end-wall, and valley flashing details, however, they are covered in the video above, if you like to learn more about the components that go beyond the basics. Overview of Flashing Details PDF DWG. 1 MB 3. Products 5 3. The flashing, which is installed one course above the balcony, projects beyond the face of the wall. Access these through links along the right edge of the drawing. IX - Construction Details AERCON Architectural Details AERCON Roof Panel AERCON Wall Panel Single Ply or Built-Up Roofing Drain Cap-Dome Strainer & Roof Drain PVC Connector Fastener Metal Coping With Continuous Cleats Each Side Parapet Flashing Aluminum Clad Flashing Membrane Fiber Cant Elastomeric Sealant Continuous Aluminum Anchorage Collar CONCRETE FLAT ROOF 12. The flashing is inserted into this reglet and held by lead wedges. Construction Details Ram-Tough 250DM Waterproofing Systems. Dryvit Flashing Tape is a tough, self-adhering, self-healing construction grade tape used to seal rough openings in walls utilizing a Dryvit system by bridging the joints between sheathing and other underlying framing or foundation components. HRW-603B Typical Tie-in Details. The reader is also encouraged to review the companion  Drawings for flashing details, often the only method of communicating the necessary information TEK 19-5A Flashing Details for Concrete Masonry Walls (ref. ” For more information and to download, click here. The advice given in this manual is consistent with the requirements details for signs mounted on concrete median barriers. One of those recommendations deals with properly flashing behind field butt joints. dwg AW3G Concrete Deck Edge Metal (Open Edge) . 25 mm) reglet head and an . A contractor should consider metals first when pouring Concrete against a stucco wall. You could build a wood porch, but wood porch building requires more elaborate design. T YPICAL SECTION AND FLASHING DETAIL. Self-adhesive, rubberized asphalt/polyethylene through-wall flashing for cavity wall B2 LVC— low VOC solvent-based primer for green concrete or damp surfaces Complete installation instructions and details are available upon request. Continuous. Below are links to all our products downloadable Roof Details and Drawings. Some details also offer sub-detail options. Window Head Flashing S5. If the window or door is near the base of the wall, the flashing should form a continuous envelope and be connected to the adjacent wall flashing. tive humidity within a concrete substrate to receive a. 5 Flashing Installation: Special Conditions steeped Foundations, Arches, and Pitched Roofs. autocaddetails. In addition it serves to move any moisture out away from the inside of the wall. Good chimney flashings are two-part. all fasteners used to secure thermax to substrate to have a min. Flashing is commonly used to prevent rainwater penetration into the building which otherwise could have a detrimental effect on the building. Materials that are in poor condition may be difficult or impossible to seal to. The flashing at the shelf angle is inserted into a reglet cast into the concrete and held with lead wedges. Provided by the National Concrete Masonry Association Flashing A Wall Sill Plate On Slab On Grade The plastic down on the concrete for a day or 2 will really show a potential moisture problem wicking up through the flashing extend through the brick to the exterior face of the wall at the lower end of the flashing and be turned down at least to in. 5 meridianbrick. These including flashing, valley guard, battens and extenders and hip/ridge caps. 1981] (Reissued February 2001) Abstract: Recommendations are provided for the development of successful details using brick masonry. (25 mm The lowest course of masonry is bonded to the concrete with mortar. Download thousands of free detailed design & planning documents including 2D CAD drawings, 3D models, BIM files, and three-part specifications in one place FD21 Concrete Wall Counterflashing Detail Notes 1. Fastened - Roll Good - General Details RG1052: Perimeter Fastening with 120, 60, and 30-Inch Wide Rolls RG1053: Perimeter Fastening with 60 and 30-Inch Wide Rolls Shop flashings in the roofing section of Lowes. com Helping Create Strong Bonds As you know, when applying manufactured stone veneer, it’s of the utmost importance to take steps to prevent two common causes of serious damage—moisture and mold. The concrete wall is stepped in to allow for a flush condition between flashing, concrete and window frame. Editable DWG or PDF files available. ft. leadinfo. pdf AW3G Concrete Deck Edge Metal . pdf AC3 Concrete Deck Concrete Wall . c. 1 BACKGROUND Most roofs in Singapore are constructed using reinforced concrete which is known to have pores or capillary tracts. Not sure what pH the moisture between the flashing and wood. slope 15° Concrete masonry sill units or precast concrete sill with drip Weeps at 32 in. has specialized in the design and manufacture of stone anchoring systems. Flashing single wythe walls at the ends of bar joists which utilize wall pockets for bearing is shown in Figures 8 and 8a. Wall. Dimensions as shown are recommended minimums and are intended to be approximate to allow for reasonable tolerances due to field conditions. The numbering system relates to specification MasterFormat 2004. Re: Flashing detail at house with poured front porch I this is any helpbesides isolating water from wicking against the frame, the real question is flashing above. The general principles of attaching the upper and lower edges of the standing seam roofing are most thoroughly covered in the sections on “drip edge” (pg 9) and “ridge caps” Flashing and Construction Details. Counterflashing detail shall be a 2 piece reglet and counterflashing. 9. If you want your porch construction to be less challenging Find out the best way to install flashing on a concrete stoop. Bend a piece of cap flashing to fit around the top corner of the chimney and add the cap flashing across the back of the chimney. At concrete slab edges a seat may be cast into concrete to act as pan flashing for openings in the exterior wall. In English "plaster" usually means a material used for the interiors of buildings, while "render" commonly Roof Details . Quickly find drawing details View all. ICF EIFS uses insulated concrete form as a base, used on commercial and residential. PERM-A-BARRIER® Liquid Flashing is a fluid applied, one component, membrane that cures to form a durable, resilient, monolithic and a fully bonded elastomeric flashing when applied to existing or new construction. an exterior wall system which has been certified to resist wind-driven rain, or 3) walls can be constructed with concrete or masonry. The flashing at the sill should extend beyond the ends of the sill to the first head joint outside of the jamb of the opening, and should be turned up and outward for a distance of at least Detailed Drawings Single Ply TPA-207 TremLine Edge Detail with Extender TPA-211 Gravel Stop WITH TPA Coated Metal TPA-213 Gravel Stop - TPA Coated Metal - Isometric TPA-220 Through Wall Scupper Detail In modern buildings, flashing is intended to decrease water penetration at objects such as chimneys, vent pipes, walls, windows and door openings to make buildings more durable and to reduce indoor mold problems. Adhesion to Masonry, Metal, Brickwork, OSB/Sheathing, Concrete; Durometer - Shore A 40 Shore A; Elongation 250 %; Number of Parts One. Details provided are not a directive of Stuc-O-Flex International, Inc. It’s a fairly simple project and the cost is reasonable ($3 to $6 per sq. It is the with above-grade concrete masonry walls in non-traditional CMU markets; and • to identify different approaches to construction details, based on the two case studies in this report, between concrete masonry walls and other structural and non-structural members, including floor framing, gypsum wallboard, insulation, and window and doors. Key Issues Dektite® EPDM polymer flashing have been officially tested by the Coal Corporation of Victoria, Australia and conform to all Australian and UK Standards on approved flue systems. EIFS in its current basic form was developed in West Germany in the 1960s and introduced in the United States in 1969 by Dryvit. In any case, the roof deck may move relative to the masonry chimney and good flashing details anticipate this. Masonry Construction Details PDF . /Oct. Don’t walk on these areas for at least 24 hours. The hemmed edge strengthens the sheet-metal flashing. Gutters, Flashing and Roof Details video, Copper Development Association, Inc. I checked out the dex-o-tex details, which seem great for that application. PermaFlash™ System Installation. eagleroofing. gov Technical Fact Sheet No. #9- PIPE FLASHING I - Premolded Flashing (Reference: Diagrams I, II, III and IV) 1. crete Masonry WallsTEK 19-4A, and Flashing Details for Concrete Masonry Walls, TEK 19-5A, (refs. Side Wall Flashing Alt. In fresh concrete, aluminum reacts principally with alkali hydroxides from cement. See Table A for more details. 5mm plasterboard on dabs or battens 7. Masonry Flashing Details Home → Products → Waterproof Liners → Masonry Flashing Details Liners are fabricated to your specifications and depending on the rim design you choose, flashing may be required to ensure that rain and irrigation water does not seep behind the liner walls. Timber ferring pieces 9. The rot won't affect just the siding, either. Flexible, lightweight, and durable extruded concrete Tbar will help you get off the job much faster! Important details include the type and condition of the window (with or without a nailing flange), sheathing, housewrap siding type, and original window flashing. KARNAK #19 Ultra Rubberized Flashing Cement Caulk is the next for repair, patch and flashing detail on SBS and APP modified membranes, and for general   Matrix™ 201 Premium SBS Roof Flashing Cement is a premium, The heavy, “ trowel-grade” consistency makes this product ideal for flashing details,  The Nichiha Architectural Details Finder is your source for all of the specification and CAD details that you need to complete your Essential Overhang Flashing. (813 mm) o. Purpose: Conditions that meet the weather criteria below are required to follow the MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS for Pli-Dek’s above grade Waterproof Deck Coating for Inclement Weather (IW) Jul 14, 2016- Explore pass2boom's board "flashing detail", followed by 176 people on Pinterest. Support for the concrete block Flashing must be installed by a skilled tradesperson if quality results are to be achieved. 2; Side Wall Flashing Alt. Correct flashing and detailing will improve the overall appearance of the finished job. washer. framed walls of the Parex USA Stucco Assemblies. Detail Drawings utilized in the specification and design of NEOGARD deck coating, waterproofing, wall coating Typical Deck Flashing Concrete Columns #2. single wythe concrete masonry detailing flashing at coping / parapet flashing above windows & bond control joints flashing below openings use rigid insulation only! flashing at wall base metal cap flashing sealant bond beam flashing ledger beam floor joist bond beam window sill flashing rigid insulation rigid insulation flashing control joint local NPCA architectural precast concrete producer to discuss the connections for your specific project. Joist Hanger 11. Sealtite One Industrial Drive Pelham, NH 03076 Fax: 800-998-9105 1-800-848-1120 www. Such use shall be solely at the discretion of the user. 7. • Lap self-adhered through wall flashing membrane* at least 2” onto Inside Corner. Pound the flashing into the grooves and fasten with the drive-in expanding anchors. Under no circumstances should any polymer flashing be installed on a non approved flue or an 'active' combustion heater flue. dwg AC3 Concrete Deck Concrete Wall . An alternate base flashing fastening method is to use cleats spaced at 12" O. Fire resistance. pdf. 2. Tint Seal is color coordinated sealer follow Lead Association recommendation. The flashings and trims shown in this book are standard parts. Function & Code Requirements Flashing materials include but are not limited to sheet metal (copper, Flashing Details for Concrete Masonry Walls   scrim. The two piece reglet and flashing details are usually fabricated with an . The accompanying photos show well-built new balconies, as well as failed conditions found during investigations. Visit Masonry Institute of Michigan for the Generic Wall Design Single Wythe Exterior Details. pdf AW3G Concrete Deck Edge Metal (Open Edge) . the flashing course is constru c t e d with two 4-inch units so that the flashing can be turned up between them and then folded back to the opposite face shell. Florida High Wind Concrete and Clay Tile Installation Manual 5th Edition Revised A: Tom Silva replies: Probably because you can't see behind the stoop, which is where the problem will fester. These pores are interconnected within the concrete and water will penetrate through such Essential, yet so simple. 1 SECTION INCLUDES A. Waterproofing Installation - Typical Installation The following depicts the typical steps necessary to install Hydrotech's Monolithic Membrane 6125 waterproofing/roofing membrane assembly. Auto-Dex V Details. Water filler on top of concrete domed to shed water. 01 81 13 – Sustainable Design Requirements B. flashing, sealants and stone anchoring, the details for coping on parapet or screen walls remained unchanged for more than a century. The following details were Roof to Wall Intersections . CMU Drawing Details for an exterior finish system. 5). Properly flashing a deck ledger seems to be a lost skill with most weekend warriors…. DuPont™ Flashing Systems products should be installed on clean, dry surfaces that are free of frost. This is intended to be only an illustration and must not be considered a suitable guideline governing the installation of the products. 4. With a substrate of concrete or concrete masonry, is it necessary to use lath? Stucco is made from the same materials as concrete and concrete masonry. ASTM's roofing standards are instrumental in specifying, testing, and evaluating the dimensional, mechanical, and performance requirements of various forms of roofing systems. concrete or architectural concrete block in a brick veneer. Triangle Roofing Company in metro Phoenix uses UV rated mineral cap for protection of the tile underlayment. PROSOCO manufactures commercial construction chemicals that improve the longevity and efficiency of buildings. MEL-ROL is a self-adhering waterproofing membrane, providing a cost-effective answer to properly waterproof foundations, vertical walls & below-grade floors. AIR-SHIELD THRU-WALL FLASHING is designed for use as a thru-wall flashing and dampproofing course. Table of Contents 1. Typical head, jamb and sill flashing details are shown . Seam Sealer on all exposed edges. rlbuilder here. like a curtain from the face of suspended concrete floor • NCMA TEK 19-04A Flashing Strategies for Concrete Masonry Walls • NCMA TEK 19-05A Flashing Details for Concrete Masonry Walls • NCMA TEK 19-06A Joint Sealants for Concrete Masonry Walls • NCMA TEK 19-07 Characteristics of Concrete Masonry Units with Integral Water Repellent. I also run a generous bead of a polyurethane caulk (like Vulkem or Quad) on the concrete and seat the flashing onto that. Back Dam and Sloping . Best Practices for Flashing Details www. Head flashing is a critical detail for any window installation. 60 mil uncured EPDM formed and secured with 1" minimum bond to deck sheet membrane. These typically lead, copper or occasionally stainless steel Simply place underneath flashing for the ultimate protection against moisture penetration at corners and end dams. Concrete and clay tiles are among the most expensive roof covering materials and usually have a long useful life. Concrete footings with Base flashing extends from the outside face of the masonry wall over the   This fluid-applied flashing bonds to wood, concrete, masonry, architectural metals, Best for sealing ZIP System® sheathing panel seams and transition details  Manufacturers claim that peel-and-stick flashings, unlike metal flashing, can form a flashing advise that their products may not stick well to concrete, masonry, . net Ideal for seam sealing and flashing. With brick veneer I just put ledge flashing at the course above the concrete and provide relief with weep holes. M. The purpose for flashing is to prevent moisture from deteriorating steel angles or other building components. We recommend reading all appropriate industry standards and this entire guide before beginning the project. flashing applied on facer around breach as shown in fig. com Precast Concrete Panels Reglets are primarily made from mill aluminum or pre-coat Kynar 500® aluminum sheet. Mortar, concrete, and concrete Download Architectural Details for your upcoming project. Structural engineers may specify/design alternative attachment details which we can also work with. If you have any questions when it comes to installation, please contact our Specifier Services Group for design and your local technical representative for the field. When you locate the detail you want, just click one of the four file format buttons to download it to your computer. To prevent moisture from entering the wall from the top, install a continuous through-wall flashing membrane with-in the mortar bed immediately beneath the coping. dwg AW3G Concrete Deck Edge Metal . Additional metal. Roofing and Flashing Problems, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, rev. As such, they have a great affinity for each other. Store Details & Services An excellent everyday use flashing cement grade caulk scientifically  Flashing. TREMproof PUMA Flashing System is a cold-applied flashing system designed for waterproofing penetrations, concrete slabs, and protecting occupied areas underneath from water damage. Wipe surfaces to remove moisture, dirt, grease and other debris that could interfere with adhesion. The fenestration and flashing manufacturers shall be consulted for any special flashing Karnak #19 Flashing Cement is available in 3 consistencies: Summer, Semi and Winter. Head Flashing. Masonry copings Copings constructed with stone, precast concrete, or masonry should not be considered watertight. Peel Strength > 15   Aug 6, 2018 common flashing details for commercial buildings. The Masonry Detailing Series (MDS) is an exhaustive collection of illustrative construction details and diagrams produced by International Masonry Institute (IMI) for architects and engineers to use as a design resource. » Resin will be fully cured after 48 to 72 hours. HYLOAD single ply membrane roof details - a full list of prefabricated components. details of sign with solar flashing assembly. System. Dissimilar metals should not be in contact. felt or vapor barrier <j <j joists bear on double flashing layered wi polyethlene to assure--, waterproof membrane ceiling “This detail shows an 8” (nominal) split face concrete masonry wall, window sill condition. This flashing membrane can be made from stainless steel, cop- Skylight Flashing. The top edge of window fin or Z-flashing should be protected by an overlapping membrane. below grade Ground slopes away from wall at 5% (6 in. 7. 1 CMU/CIP Concrete Arched Window Rough Opening C4. Download detailed CAD drawing for commercial applications for BASF SPF roofing and commercial walls. Wall Details INSULATING CONCRETE FORMING “EnergyFlash” Concrete Transition Flashing and Form Liner PART 1 GENERAL 1. And you also want an air gap between the concrete and the metal flashing. A self-adhering flashing product that has substantial thickness (25 mils or heavier) is the product of choice for this application. Another method of flashing a concrete wall is to cast the cap flashing into the wall. Avoid walking on tile roof unless you are trained how to do so. PLY INC. Sep 27, 2019 General: Concrete shall reach a minimum compressive strength of three thousand . Click the PDF or AutoCAD button to download the detail. Additionally, the system will protect the concrete from the damaging effects of chloride, deicing salts, chemicals, gasoline, oils and anti-freeze. For sunny, hot-, and/or high-altitude projects located in winter-time heating climates, WSRCA suggests that thermoplastic single-ply roof membranes and flashing ply(s) be white, or another light color, to . flashing (or flash broadcasting) - A technique for applying accent colors of dry-shake hardenerto concrete surfaces before stamping. Lintel flashing details for single-wythe masonry. 2" dia. Suitable for use in conjunction with Textroflash™ Flashing & Flex-Flash® Flashing. Do not leave the product permanently exposed to sunlight. Details shown are conceptual only. Home > Technical Info > Drawing Details > Precast Concrete Wall Systems AutoCad Details. Photos of Construction Details with Insulated Concrete Forms. Acceptability of this sheet-metal flashing placement should be confirmed with the project’s structural engineer. Cordova Stone units are high-density, pre-finished architectural concrete masonry units that achieve the look of natural stone by incorporating all-natural aggregates, delivering the prestigious appearance which has remained a desired look for centuries. Waterproofing Flashing. com | meridianbrick. For over twenty-years as a tile roofing contractor in Arizona, we know tile roof underlayment for clay and concrete roofs. Additional information for flashing single-wythe walls, particularly architectural concrete masonry walls, and means for providing a higher level of structural continuity at flashings is contained in TEK 19-2A (ref. C. Yet another option is to avoid metal flashing altogether and to use a PVC or rubberized-asphalt product. → Guardwall to wall. 03 31 13 – Heavyweight Structural Concrete Formerly Blok-Flash, BlockFlash by Mortar Net Solutions Patented single wythe pan flashing solution concrete masonry unit, or C. A fiber cant may be adhered in ambient or hot asphalt in place of wood cants. As such, insurance costs for a concrete structure are often lower than those incurred when insuring a typical stick-built structure. Like brick, this is a durable and time tested material for an exterior finish. drawing. 2-b using flashing requirements on detail tws-g02. Another metal flashing that is used with concrete and masonry in many parts of the country is lead. If you’re collecting dripping water in a pot beneath your roof, you may want to inspect the roof flashing. The cap flashing is attached to the base flashing by blind riveting. Drainage. Installation of Underlayment and Primary Flashing . but rather offered for review and consideration by the architect, engineer, or designer for project specific modifications. to get water into a structure with bad flashing details than vapor problems,  There have always been problems with the flashing details at the roof to wall intersections of Head Walls, Rake Walls, and Chimneys - especially if Brick or  Application Instructions · Brochure · Data Sheet · Safety Data Sheet · Details · Video - Easy to use; Ready to use; Meets AC148 criteria as a flashing membrane  How to flash a window using VaproFlashing and VaproLiqui-Flash. 20-30 mil tack coat. Concrete tiles are more durable. 2 The flashing membrane shall be securely affixed to minimize any weather damage prior to the building's exterior treatment being applied. These systems are assembled in the uppermost part of building structures to provide protection and insulation from external elements such as rain, sunlight, and heat. Additional insulation. The underlayment material and the flashing are the waterproof membrane that seals the home from water penetration. Self. . Vycor® Plus self-adhered flashing is designed for critical NON-ROOF flashing details. 23 – Roof-to-Wall and Deck-to-Wall Flashing Home Builder’s Guide to Coastal Construction Page 1 of 3 Purpose: To emphasize the importance of proper roof and deck flashing, and to provide typical and enhanced flashing techniques for coastal homes. dwg pdf. 7, 8) for an in-depth discussion and additional details regarding flashing. Our Kickout Flashing diverts the water at the roof eave away from the wall and into the gutter, protecting your reputation and avoiding expensive future repairs. Lately I’ve been seeing problematic deck ledger flashing details so I’d like to share with you my perspective on how to properly flash and secure your deck to the house. A self-adhesive waterproof flashing tape for windows and doors. Cover the patio with a thin layer of sand, lay pavers over it, and the results look like a standard paver patio. 1 Window Head Detail SS Thru Wall Flashing & Termination Bar F4. Trim Extended T/Wall Flashing; Extended Top-of-Wall Flashing; Extended Top-of-Wall Flashing, Enlarged View The SMA periodically publishes DETAILS for the stucco industry and stucco and plastering contractors. VA Standard Details were updated in early 2009, Div 22 and Div 26 in early 2014, and the Steam portion of Div 23 in late 2017. FEATURES/BENEFITS A watertight seal can then be applied over the fastener head (2). B-6b-RS Planter Box Waterproofing Concrete Masonry Building Wall. CMU Wall Details (concrete masonry unit) Also known as a concrete block or cinder block. Detail shows exposed scrim for clarity only. The second detail shows a reglet (or raggle) cut or cast into concrete. If proper flashing is not installed, then it is highly likely that the building would need costly repairs in the future. MBR Flashing Cement. The back edge of the flashing should be folded to Figure 6. REVISION The current flashing details in the 2013 International Residential Code (IRC) for sloped roof/wall intersections are very difficult to construct. Lead flashing is non-reactive for the most part, but it comes with its own intrinsic challenges because of its toxicity. Splicing adhesive. Wall Deck Saw Cut Reglet . Fasten the wall flashing at the top of the wall every 6 inches on center. Contents Disclaimer This guide addresses acceptable methods and details for installation of Adhered Concrete Masonry Veneer. o Curing compounds or release agents used in concrete construction must be resin based without oil, wax, or pigments. Quality Edge’s wide variety of roof flashing solutions have been designed to minimize water back-up while maximizing the life of roofs, windows and walls - all while providing a layer of protection between the wall’s siding or brick and the roof’s sheeting. Flashing. At U. Inverted tee beam bearing on column – cantilever | PDF | DXF Inverted tee beam bearing on column – future expansion | PDF | DXF Inverted tee beam bearing on column haunch | PDF | DXF Impact-resistant concrete roof tiles with Class 4 impact rating that withstand successive 2” ice balls at 70 MPH in series including Saxony Slate Impact and Barcelona Impact. Brick Ledge Flashing. (6 mm) to form a drip. Closed Valley Details on Tile Roofs. Aluminum in contact with plain concrete can corrode, and the situation is worse if the concrete contains calcium chloride as an admixture or if the aluminum is in contact with a dissimilar metal. Timber Rafter PROJECT DRAWING TITLE Flat-roof abutment DRAWING NO. Energy costs are reduced when using Spancrete wall panels. Special colors or finishes are available. Aluminum Black Roof Flashing Oatey All-Flash No-Calk Roof Flashings can be used Oatey All-Flash No-Calk Roof Flashings can be used in commercial and residential applications where a watertight seal for roof penetrations around the plumbing vent pipe is required. This detail can be used on either a sloped or a flat roof This concrete spandrel condition can be used if there is a large distance from the top of the concrete to the shelf angle. Cut the side cap flashing to fit the angle of the roof so it overlaps each lower cap flashing at least 2 in. TEK 19-5A Flashing Details for Concrete Masonry Walls (ref. Type 304 Stainless Steel for superior corrosion resistance. The placement of flashing for brick ledge is shown in Fig. f7-01-concrete-block-walls. Anatomy of Ledger Flashing Flashing Installed Over Ledger Board Most porch or deck ledgers are installed over siding or brick. HIGH CONCRETE CMU WALL BASE FLASHING: DWG | PDF HIGH CONCRETE OR CMU  Therefore, the details in this document are not intended to be bare minimums . For more than 75 years, Hohmann & Barnard, Inc. The purpose for flashing onto the brick, block, or concrete walls before the flashing is set in . Metal flashing materials include lead, aluminium, copper, stainless steel, zinc alloy, and other materials. FLASHING typical flashing details that have proven effective over a wide. Masonry front stoops should never be placed directly against wood—that's just asking for problems. Air space, 1 in. Drawings for flashing details, often the only method of communicating the necessary information between the designer and contractor, should be comprehensive and show sufficient detail for the proper interpretation and installation of flashing systems. MEL-ROL is composed of a 56 mil thick layer of polymeric waterproofing membrane on a heavy duty, four-mil thick, cross-laminated polyethylene carrier film. C. 3; Tight Rake; Extended Rake; Tight Eave; Extended Eave; TRIM DETAILS. 80 mm) flashing. Membrane. The components of this assembly, from interior to exterior, are described in Fig. Systems 4 2. Anywhere surfaces intersect on a roof is a prime spot for water seepage. Flashing Products To ensure the long-term integrity of a roof system, it is critical to prevent water, snow and debris from entering the system. The membrane is slippery—DO NOT install on the roof; DO NOT walk on the membrane. Liquid Flashing Membrane Typical Details for Framed and Masonry/Concrete Construction Incorporating MasterSeal AWB 900 Liquid Flashing Membrane TABLE OF CONTENTS 2. Proprietary concrete lintels 10. AIR-SHIELD THRU-WALL FLASHING is a concealed flashing for masonry concrete, wood/steel frames, and roofing applications – door and window lintels, sills, spandrel beams, caps, and parapets. Typical brick veneer wall assemblies have fire ratings . The purpose is to serve as a The corrosion rate for galvanized coatings exposed to water is reportedly the lowest in the pH range of 6-12. where 3 or more boards meet, use at least 1 fastener per every 2 boards. BEST PRACTICE GUIDE Parapet Flashing–Connection Details 2-87 or “wicking,” in porous materials such as concrete and brick. In addition to waterproofing details, distress was found to correlate with structural design, as discussed in this article. Recessed T/Wall Flashing Blow-up View; Sheathing - Wood Studs - Horiz. Install flashing under the bottom edge of the house wrap or other weather-resistant barrier shingle fashion to direct water out of the wall. let’s discuss how to properly secure the deck ledger and install the flashing. Soldered to ensure seal at joints. revision date. Take a look at a few photos of construction details using Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF). The list below includes publications and presentations to professional audiences for which Robert Bateman has created, co-authored or contributed a major part of the flashings and waterproofing details. 1; Side Wall Flashing Alt. Concrete / Masonry incorporating Fluid-Applied Vapor Permeable and Impermeable Air/Water-Resistive Barriers TYPICAL INSIDE CORNER TYPICAL OUTSIDE CORNER NOTES • Set through wall flashing* Inside Corner in MasterSeal NP 150 Sealant. t-s-22. Cutting 180° and crease the flashing. Tuck flashing into mortar joint (alternative, provide sealant at top of flashing or use self adhering flashing) Weep holes or partially open head joints at 32 in. As with most critical details, it is the corners that present the real challenges. For precast concrete buildings, work crews do not set up forms at the job site to create the panels. 03 21 00 – Reinforcing Steel C. Cutting the groove into the slab is the critical step that shouldn't be skipped. most critical details, it is the corners that present Storefronts, Curtainwalls, and Window Walls. Ca reful design of flashing details to suit the application can help to ensure reliable function and a quality finish. Flashing is provided below the masonry sill, returning vertically at the end termination to form an end dam. 5 (per ASM Metals Handbook)and I imagine the pH range of water that may periodically collect in crevices between the concrete and the flashing will be in that range. Custom trims are available to meet your specific design needs. 050" (1. Also refer to the featured projects, and videos. For water protection here, at a minimum install a cap flashing that tucks under the sheathing wrap and goes over the ledger. STEP 3 A. On this page is system info, details and specifications. Material Requirements. Flashing parapets Copings are susceptible to mois-ture penetration where the indi-vidual sections butt at head joints. Here's the basic steps involved for installing flashing on vinyl along with a few good tips to consider and are offered as information only. 3) includes such details. If you have any questions about a product please don't hesitate to call us, we will help you get your roofing job done right the first time. A step at the thickened concrete floor slab perimeter encourages water that may exist at the wall base to collect below the finished floor elevation. ” Flashing Most copings are susceptible to moisture penetration where the indi-vidual sections butt (at head joints). There have always been problems with the flashing details at the roof to wall intersections of Head Walls, Rake Walls, and Chimneys - especially if Brick or Stone Veneer or Stucco is used. Wall Details (110. Stay-in-place, slab edge flashing and form liners. Of course, you will need a good set of porch plans. To prevent moisture from enter-ing the wall from the top, install a continuous through-wall flashing membrane beneath the mortar b e d d i re c t l y u n d e r t h e c o p i n g . 17 liquid-applied flashing system designed for use in . pdf Install flashing at bottom of all exterior walls and properly integrate the flashing with other wall water management details to direct water down and out of the wall. It is the sole responsibility of any architectural or construction professional to apply any detail to any specific project. for staining tile or  The Tile Roofing Institute offers additional installation manuals Concrete and Clay Tile mount reglet (pin) Flashing for re-roof. There are several products that can be used in this type of application. Lead weight flashing requirements, on the point-up mortar. This will bring up a 2D drawing and 3D model of the detail. → Guardwall to deck. The Masonry Detailing Series is a collection of illustrative construction details & diagrams made for architects & engineers to use as a design resource. This is a waterproof membrane on 3/4″ plywood on 2x framing roof flashing detail with two coat stucco system on 8″ CMU wall, compression fit aluminium and counter flashing. with flashing and water-resistant barriers (WRB) (see Figures 9-1 and 9-2), 2) walls can be constructed with . 2 RELATED SECTIONS A. Apply the wall flashing over the roof flashing and termination bar. The Chapter 1 assembly is a rainscreen design approach with CMU or concrete wall structure and anchored masonry veneer. Mech. This article series provides details of foundation tops, building walls, exterior trim, wall corners, and roof-wall intersection flashing to prevent leaks & water damage. Download CAD File. Below the door is a critical area of concern and quite tricky. longer length on the lower side of the transition flashing (see pg 14 for details). External flashings should be installed at intersections of masonry walls with roofs or decks, to prevent penetration of water. → Through-wall scuppers Balcony Edge Flashing – Concrete Topping  Jan 19, 2015 Installation over cement board using polymer products and systems. WRB. – As a result, most typical construction does not use any type of through-the-wall flashing which results in leaky wall complaints. Roof-to-Wall and Deck- to-Wall Flashing www. sill or threshold and follow the DuPont™ Flashing Systems Commercial Installation Guidelines. More + Product Details Close No-Calk 1 in. How to design a detail: Details: → Tops. Support for the concrete block A wall or siding needs special detailing to prevent leaks and damage where the wall encounters any horizontal surface such as a foundation wall top or a concrete porch slab. This flashing membrane can be Commercial Flashing Details Intermediate Column Flashing Detail - Steel & Concrete Columns - Block Backup Note: Brick anchors & insulation have been omitted for clarity. Although the goal is the same the process is different for each. Standard Parapro 123 Flashing System Details. This detail shall be installed where the deck is supported by the wall. Superior Walls precast concrete foundations are the best solution for residential builders looking for reliable scheduling, efficient one-day installation, ready to finish convenience, energy code performance, and a manufacturer’s limited warranty. In every case, you can tell if you have installed the flashing and building papers correctly by imagining the path water will take if you were to spray the wall with a hose before applying the plaster. com CAD Details Document Name PDF DWG Download all CAD Construction Details 37. Refer to the details in this book for the proper location of fasteners and sealants. fema. Click on the PDF or DWG icons below to download the appropriate file: Parapet Wall Non Insulated Concrete Deck Miami-Dade County HVHZ Electronic Roof Permit Form Illustrate Components Noted and Details as Applicable: A concrete slab provides a firm, stable base for pavers. CAD details are available in DWG, DWF, DXF and PDF format. See more ideas about Roof flashing, Roof detail and Metal roof. This manual does not claim or imply that it addresses all safety-related issues, if any, associated with its use. Design Sources: EPA Indoor air and Moisture Control Guidance. Sealant. Roof. The pH of fresh mortar ranges from 12 to 13. The unexposed side of any bends in the flashing shall also be sealed. From assembly illustrations to penetration drawings, download the construction details for FiberTite products here. WP - Stair Flashing Pre-Fab MACoat Concrete Expansion Joint Why use Kickout Flashing? Omitting kickout flashing often leads to major damage behind the exterior cladding. Deck Flashing Details. Finish setups or minimum quantities may be required. Plane. www. » Repairs and touch-ups can be made by applying additional resin and fl eece within 24 hours of application. Typical Rough Opening Treatment with MasterSeal AWB 900 on Masonry Construction without Buck 4. com. (SGH), a well-known and widely respected Downloading CAD Details. This web page is a great source for training new roofers as well as refreshing the experienced roofer. Cultured Stone® and Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc. Angle Fillet 8. Lintel flashing details for masonry veneer walls. In addition to conventional flashing systems, propri-etary flashing systems are available that direct the water away from the inside face of the wall to weep holes without Re: Flashing detail at stucco/pre-cast concrete stairs Hi. To maintain the weather-resistance of the extenor wall on which the stone is installed, a corrosion-resistance flashing FLASHING GUIDE 3 Correct detailing of LYSAGHT® roof and wall flashing has more than cosmetic importance - it is essential in ensuring the wet weather performance of the cladding. per 10 ft. If the flashing is installed in sections the flashing higher up the roof line shall lap over the lower flashing a minimum of 2 inches. max Min. Tyvek overlaps blue skin, and the two are taped for an air-tight assembly. R-10E, Pre-Flashing with HydroSeal Resin Liquid Flashing, PDF Add to Cart  Ultimate Wood Direct Glaze Polygon - Concrete Block with Brick Veneer . The fenestration product and flashing shall be integrated into the overall weather resistant barrier. It also will  KARNAK#19 Flashing Cement is a scientifically compounded composition of selected asphalts, mineral fibers, and refined solvents that are manufactured to a   Details. Drip edge metal, valley flashing, dormer, chimney, and kickout flashing are types of roof flashing that shed water away from the connections between roofs, walls, chimneys, and other building assemblies Roof Flashing Details Index FD01 Interior Roof Drain Detail FD02 Interior Drain with Gravel Stop Detail FD03 Scupper Roof Drain Detail FD04 Gutter Roof Drain Detail FD05 Roof-Top Equipment Curb Detail FD06 Roof-Top Metal Air Shaft Curb Detail FD07 Roof-Top Wood Air Shaft Curb Detail FD08 Roof Skylight Detail FD09 Roof-Top Chimney Pipe Detail The valley flashing for a tile roof should have hemmed edges and be installed with cleats that allow individual sections to expand and contract (Figure 2-34). Flashing provides the extra protection these spots need. As you can see in the photo above we’ve installed a piece of flashing behind each field butt joint in order to keep water and moisture from getting behind the siding. Adding a second flashing, either peel-and-stick membrane or metal flashing, between the sheathing and ledger, as shown, is a worthwhile backup should any water get over, around, or through punctures in the cap flashing. T YPICAL LINTEL, JAMB AND SILL DETAILS T YPICAL EAVE DETAILS. The purpose of flashing is to direct moisture, which has accumulated in the wall system, to the exterior and in so doing, prevent moisture from deteriorating steel angles, timber studs, or other building components. Versetta Stone Flashing and Construction Details, Spanish · Versetta Stone Versetta Stone Continuous Insulation Over Concrete or Masonry Walls · Care and  Concrete, masonry, and fiber-faced exterior gypsum board require the use of When applying the 3-piece flashing detail to the head of the opening, the. The manufacture of concrete products may involve the use of hazardous materials, operations and equipment. Flat roof covering 12. concrete to act as pan flashing for openings in the exterior wall. The wood structure that comes in contact with the concrete is extremely susceptible to mold and decay and needs to be protected with flashing. Instead, workers pre cast concrete panels at a large manufacturing facility. CPCI encourages the use of the Best Practice Guide for Architectural Precast Concrete Walls as a means of FLASHING SYSTEMS Selection and Installation Handbook • Longrun Metal Roofs • Concrete, Slate and Tile roofs • Flues • Pipes • Ridges • Apron Flashings • Hip Flashings • Damp Proof Course • Silicone • Tape ISSUE 05 with flashing and water-resistant barriers (WRB) (see Figures 9-1 and 9-2), 2) walls can be constructed with . description. The suitability of any of these details for a specific application should be W-3, General Concrete Crack And Joint Treatment, PDF Add to Cart, DWG Add . > CAD > Base Wall Flashing Details ARCAT Free Architectural CAD drawings, blocks and details for download in dwg and pdf formats for use with AutoCAD and other 2D and 3D design software. one fastener can be used for no more than 2 boards. Flashing Details This technical profile illustrates many of the most common flashing details for residential and commercial buildings. To view a CAD detail, you will need a CAD design program or a CAD viewer program. Except for pre-compressed sealants, Sealtite shall have no lia bility or responsibility for materials, methods or assemblies used. Back Dam and Sloping A block of wood nailed at the back of the rough opening sill can be used with membranes to create a back dam. Drip edge 1 1 2 in. 032" (0. Protect the integrity of your roofing assembly with our comprehensive selection of materials. signals. sealtiteusa. Roofing and Cladding; and Working Safely With Sheet Lead -- Lead Industries Association, www. Sealant is applied between the brick and the concrete slab to prevent any water that collects on the slab from entering underneath this unit. ml Subnoor Sealant Pressure-treated sill plate Sill gasket above and Metal lath is regularly used over stud wall construction with or without sheathing materials. Critical areas, such as intersections of different sloped roof decks at hips & valleys as well as junctions or penetrations such as walls, chimneys, skylights, vents and plumbing pipes, must be Here you will find all of the TPO specifications, 3-part specs, details and installation guides. • Details show various wall systems with different Pella products. 13. flashing by at least 3 inches. walls with no drip edge Residential Flashing Details This technical profile illustrates most residential flashing details. Always use the current brand appropriate details and specifications, see the product data sheets for additional information. 12. Typical Joint and Fastener Treatment 3. ), but expect a weekend or two of hard labor. LIQUISEAL Liquid Flashing CF1 Two -Piece Cut-in Counter Flashing CF2 Two-Piece Counter Flashing CF3 Cut-in Counter Flashing CF4 Surface Mounted Counter Flashing CF5 Surface Mounted Integral Counter Flashing CP1 Coping with Standard Cleat CP2 Coping with Raised Cleat CP3 Coping with Integral Counter Flashing DR1 Drip Flashing DR2 Soffit Transition DS1 Open-Faced Downspout 5. F7_01 Concrete Block Walls-PDF. to 3 in. Assembly Details; High Wind Insulation Details; Base Wall Flashing Details; Edge Termination Details; Insulation Details; Drain Details; Penetration Details; Expansion Joint Flashing Details; Misc Flashing Details; Codes and Approvals; Performance Attributes; Membrane Installation; Company Literature I use a Z flashing there bent at the angle of the slope of the slab. o Strike masonry joints full-flush. Select a detail from the links shown beside the backup wall section. Top of concrete wall is tied to plywood wall sheathing with blue skin. Timber Sheeting 13. Seems easy when the flashing is drawn in, doesn't it? So how do all of these ideas translate into actual deck ledger details? There are at least a couple of good references for designing deck ledgers. Adhesive. The survey showed improper perimeter flashing details were the dominant cause of water infiltration. Figure 7. The economy and functionality of these details (which include the most common thru-wall flashing locations) will compliment masonry’s inherent quality as a durable building material. 1 Asphalt Flashing Cement - Seals roof cracks and splits. The details shown herein are “generic” and apply to typical low-wind and seismic areas (less than 110-mph, three-second-gust wind speed and less than Seismic Design Category D). Roofing Material Specifications and Details Division 7 “We’ve Got the Highest Technology to Stop the Smallest Leak” FOURTH EDITION The insulated concrete wall panel system will deliver a service life of more than 75 years. Attached is a photo of the rebuilt stairs with a mock up of my current incarnation of this detail. Boral Roofing – Concrete roof tile is beautiful and enduring and one of the easiest ways to complement your lifestyle and increase the value of your home. 1'-4"concrete f to frost continuous we 4" x 4" x 3/8" ste 12" per foot m 5/8" x 7" steel seat frame finished grade concrete pavem gravel bedding compactsubgra 8" x 3/4" rod wel in place bench detail half elevation samples from www. CAD details is the leading provider of manufacturer-specific building product information. U. Find quality flashings online or in store. 2G. Explore Products US Tile by Boral – Clay roof tile is a symbol of premium roofing, with the highest standard of sustainability and craftsmanship. Reglets & Flashing Our Reglet & Flashing Systems provide the ultimate in roof protection from moisture intrusion and wind uplift. concrete flashing details

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